About Mokhs


I am Jaitegh Singh Mokha (aka Mokha/Mokhs/Mocha/Mochacino/Coffee)  – and am always on a lookout for new places to explore. I undertake trips every year to discover new countries and cultures and bring forward interesting stories from around the world. I enjoy biking, drawing, horse riding, staring at maps, playing Bike Polo and learning languages. I am currently stationed in Ottawa, Canada.


This Blog? Why?

When you think of the word ‘travel’, you might think of it as a vacation – to escape the busy routine and to relax for a few days. But for me, travel is to learn. I travel to learn not only about other people, their cultures, languages, history, food and lifestyles but also to learn about my own capabilities and limits.

Through this blog I hope to entertain and inspire your inner soul to get up from your rusty old chair and explore the parts of the world which might never be on your travel lists! We are in the 21st Century but the good news is that we still don’t know everything about our own planet. Not many know about the various tribes in Papua New Guinea, the calm Himalayas in Central & Eastern Bhutan, the villages in the Amazon Basin or whatever there is in North Korea! (Can someone sponsor my trip to North Korea?) So, let’s explore the unexplored!

This blog has specifically been designed for you to get an idea about how the world looks like when you’re out of your comfort zone. Unplanned travelling is scary. I agree with you. But, the thrill about not knowing what’s around the corner will always lead to an adventure and believe me, you’ll either enjoy it or you’ll learn from it!

I feel pictures are a better way to showcase my travel stories rather than write about it. I’m open to suggestions and corrections, in case of any error in my blog, so please let me know!

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